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Watch how this CRAZY Dubstep Maker turns “sleepy time” Classical bit into a Dubstep MONSTER track

Hi guys, Jesse here. For years I have been dreaming about making my own music and lately I've entered the Dubstep madnessI started looking for audio creation software that was clean, easy to use and reliable. The kind of money I was spending on studio equipment was ridiculous; I was literally trawling music stores just to find that new rack that would change my sound… but eventually I came across Dubturbo.

So If you want to make any kind of music and you are looking for a crazy DUBSTEP MAKER that money can buy you’ve come to the right place. Just get ready to create YOUR OWN tracks or turn any piece of music into Dubstep drop almost automatically …

Note that this a review though, if you're looking for the DUBTURBO website then click here!!!

So guys, before we start,  I just want you to see what this software is capable of, Please watch the following short clip to see how YOU can easily turn a classic melody into a Dubstep track.

Click here to the DUBTURBO software website!

What you will frequently find online when you are thinking about making music is that a lot of websites and forums will tell you that if you want to make great sounding beats you need to have a vast background of music production knowledge, buy very expensive equipment and have access to a recording studio and more bla bla bla…well, that's bullshit!

All I wanted to do was create my own tracks, guys like you and I can't afford to spend a lot of money on a hobby on something that may not generate any money in the near future… So, I thought to myself, there’s has to be a piece of great audio software out there.  I've tried using other Dubstep maker software before which caused me to almost give up on my dreams. My experience with other junky software was horrible, the keyboards were fine, but there were not a lot of sounds, beats, drum samples, wubwub VSTs or additional plugins. The quality of the beats was poor (it sounded like Tetris…), it crashed a few times and the features were so complicated that I found myself reading manuals for half of the time. I've also spent a couple of hundreds dollars…

You'll be glad you kept looking and tried this…

So after reading, searching and bad experience with other software I went to consult with a couple of my friends which one of them is a famous DJ and a music producer (you can read an interview I did with him in my next post), and they told me about this software, "DUBTURBO – Digital productions". I was very skeptical at first, but I said what the hack, let's try it, it's only 40$Dubstep maker - dubturbo

After I purchased the Dubturbo, from the first moment, it kind of felt like winning the lottery,

So let me tell you why this Dubstep Maker absolutely ROCKS:

  • QUALITY – this is the number one thing that you should think about, and this software is blessed with it. You'll be able to Export your beats to 44.1 Stereo 16bit PCM .wav format! This is an Industry standard.
  • Beats are a PIECE OF CAKE! NO fuss, wires, latency, VSTs, midi, nothin'! You still get studio quality sick beats, Just Plug in your PC or mac to a good headphones or speakers!
  • Training Videos – This shows you How to produce HITS in minutes; you won't have to read long manuals…
  • The Price – in my opinion the price is underestimated, I mean just one real low quality VST (not virtual) will cost you at least 250$…I bought one and it's stuck in my room without anyuse, since I discovered this software. With their package you'll receive 5 different kinds of VSTs, and YES it worth it.

And here's another look at what you'll get with their package:

  • The software DUBturbo 2.0 and access to the 2.5 version which will be available soon.
  • Over 1900 Samples preloaded - All custom & hot
  • DUBturbo VST(i) HIPHOP – PC & MAC
  • DUBturbo VST(i) DUBSTEP – PC & MAC
  • DUBturbo SAMPLOID - PC only – Sampler, make your own Romplers
  • DUBturbo NORBOX - PC only – Mastering & Effects Unit 
  • DUBturbo WUBWUB + samples-to Make your own wubwubs & bass – That's feature is one of my favorites and it's AMAZING
  • WUBWUB & Wobble Sample Kits - DUBSTEP KITS
  • DUBturbo PREAMP - PC only – Gritty distortion & power pre amp 
  • Accappellas Bonus - Holly Staruch Accappellas & Bonus Voxes 
  • Premium Updates When Dubturbo Update Kits.
  • MOST IMPORTANT – Training Videos - How to produce HITS in minutes  

And another important issue is that you'll receive a full 60 Day No Questions Asked Refund Policy, so You could download the program, play with any song for 10 minutes and if you're still not completely confident, you could use this refund policy…

Click here to the DUBTURBO software website!

In conclusion, I'm really excited from this software, and definitely think it's one of the best Dubstep maker out there today. I HIGHLY recommend you to check it out and give it a try. The tutorials are short and helpful so you could start right away.

The biggest regret of mine is that I didn't find it sooner. I'm creating my own music these days, and close more than ever to achieve my dreams. So take one step further and try it, it's simple!

Thanks for reading,

-       Jesse

Dubturbo download

Who really uses Dubstep maker?

Dubstep is a U.K.-based electronic dance music that gained popularity in the 1990s. The music is heavy on bass and used often by professional DJs in dance clubs. Some popular vocal artists, such as Britney Spears and Rihanna, have even used dubstep on their albums.

Dubstep is created most often by Dubstep creator software. There are a number of programs out there; some of which you can use directly online and others can be downloaded or purchased for your computer.Dubstep maker software

Many professionals have fancy mixing equipment, but they all use some kind of DUBSTEP MAKER software when creating or polishing their sounds. The software and the VSTs make it easy for amateurs to lay down professional tracks without any fancy equipment.

One of the most well-known DJs who use Dubstep maker software to create his unique sounds is Renny Constantine.  DJ Renny uses software on his Mac to help him come up with new ideas. Other artists who use dubstep maker software include the first dubstep DJ in North America, DJ Joe Nice from Baltimore, MD. Chase and Status are a famous dubstep duo in London; they not only have their own band but also have helped artists like Cee Lo Green, Example, and Tinie Tempah create their own dubstep rhythms.

Skream is another of the hottest dubstep artists. Based out of Croydon, London, he often works with other dubsteppers Benga, Artwork, Magnetic Man, and Example. Skrillex is an American dubstep artist who has won 6 Grammy Awards for his work since 2002. Skillex created the record label, OWSLA, specifically for dubstep music. Other well-known dubstep artists are: 12th Planet, 16bit, 2562, Bassnectar, Big Chocolate, James Blake, Caspa, Clubroot, Datsik, DJ Chef, DJ SFR, Excision, Flux Pavilion, Gemini, Mick Harris, Ikonika, JDevil, Zeds Dead, Jamie Woon, Various, Unicorn Kid, Truth, Sub Focus, Scuba, Liquid Stranger, and Nero. 

I asume that most of these Dubstep artists are using some kind of software, but they will be using a well orginaized recording studio to rap up thier tracks eventually.

I hope you found this stuff intersting, till next time…

Yes – YOU CAN Become A Pro Level Dubstep Music Producer!!

I heard that many people think that music production is complicated and takes days or months to figure out but I think it is a just a myth and with the right tools and tutorials you can learn everything and in NO TIME!Dubstep maker online

The Key to create Dubstep is to first of all BE UNIQUE. Try creating your own Dubstep style of music by first of all listening to lots of artists and not just one or two. That way you can mix styles and take ideas from several places. It is actually A LOT easier than you think.  

The second and most important thing is having the right tools to create this kind of music. Don't fall off to use some free and cheap sounds you can find on the net, it's better to do one quality track rather than 100 suck ones…

Technology has made serious advance over the past 3 years, and there is a new DUBSTEP MAKER I have been using and it's really good for all levels. You can read my review about it in my previous post. Don't worry for the price, its affordable to anyone!

Remember to be creative, and combine styles, and there’s nothing holding you back from producing a pro level, SICK Dubstep track, so YES, YOU CAN!wink

Would you like to be one of THE Dubstep artists ?

Hi Dubstep maker fans, Jesse here, 

My best advice for you today would be to create your own style of music. All of the Dubstep artists, lets say Skrillex for example or any other one ,has his OWN STYLE, and that whats make him special!

One of the curious developments of the late 70’s was the increase of garage bands, punk rock bands, and do it yourself bands, who just picked up an instrument or started to sing with some friends, and 6 months later recorded a record and began playing live gigs.

Some new great music and directions in music came out of that situation. But now years down the line the novelty of making amateurish music has lost it shine.

Dubstep artists

The music that is the corner stone of the music industry you will find is often played by musician with a passion and respect for the old masters of Rhythm & Blues, Jazz, Folk Legends, and Rock, along with the songwriters or whatever inspired these musicians to take this path, you don’t need to just play or sing you need to have the passion to always want to improve, you need to challenge yourself at all times to become a better and greater musician, never give up learning, fine tune your skills and then demand more from yourself.

Go to as many gigs as you can, listen with eyes open and see what others Dubstep artists are doing and how they are doing it, and see if you can improve or create something new, your music can become our music, and  go out to a wider audience… 

Think, can I do it better?

Yes you can, but you must never give up learning more, take lessons in your Dubstep instruments or synth to improve your chances, or just watch tuturials - no matter what your development level you can still find your unique style, keep practicing to become perfect, go beyond your limitations, who knows you may discover something new about yourself.

In the business of music, if we hear something new, original and available to the public we can invest in you with more security.

Start The BEAT!!

An EXCLUSIVE “Dubstep maker 300″ interview with a famous DJ

Hi guys, Jesse here, and today I'm very excited to share with you THE STORY of a famous and Successful DJ and producer, Renny Constantine. It took me a while just to grab him for this interview. Renny has been my inspiration and actually one of the main reasons I still chasing my dreams of becoming a DJ myself.Renny - Dubstep creator

Renny's style is a selection of deep/jacking/tech/electro house and a few wild cards for good measure, therefor creating a sound that is unique to his followers. Using his club experience of the house & garage events in the late 90's he learned to hone his exclusive sound. 'Driving basslines', '4-step' and straight up 'bleeps' that will have you begging for more. Although not taking up djing until 2003 progression has come thick and fast. Playing at Nature at Timbuk2 alongside Emmalease and Eva-marie (Sax@phonic) a night featuring good friend Stuart Wilkinson of Empathy fame (He’s also one of the head honchos for WERK).

Renny has also played alongside a variety of other DJs including: Lottie, Yousef, Audiojack, MYNC Project, Deepgroove, Sammy Jo (scissor sisters) and Russell Deeks (I-dj magazine).

He has had residencies in Bristol for Chicago, DirtyBlue, Drama and Koolwaters, as well as appearances across the Uk and gigs in Jamaica and Ibiza.

He then moved on to playing a darker sound with fellow Dj Jay Russell Forming the Dirty Sound Technicians and playing across the country for most of 2007.

He Loves house music, good people and good times. You'll find him knocking around in his home town of Bristol in underground clubs enjoying all the above. He's a nice guy, sometimes stating "one of the last of a dying breed" or "I'm not here to judge you, make you look like a fool or hurt you, i'm just in it for one thing…………music".

Since getting to grips with the performance side of things with his djing, he has made a bond with old school friend Paske in order to make that step into production. He and Paske have have since joined Andy Childs to produce for the BulletProofSonics imprint.

Renny - Dubstep maker

So Renny, When did you first start being a DJ and please tell me about your first dreams.

"I first became a DJ when I had a real bad break up with my first love. This gave me a lot of time to think about my life and what I wanted to do with it. I had always been involved with music from a young age but the break up was the catalyst I needed to get me to the place I wanted to be."

What do I need to do to follow my dreams and creating my own tracks or being a DJ?

"I think every person has a way to achieve their dreams. You have to find your niche and stick with it. My mother told me "Anything you do will take ten years to get to that perfect point". The only advice that I can give to you is to stick to your chosen subject and do not let anyone else tell you otherwise."

What do you think about Dubstep maker (software) to create music? Are they reliable or it's better to start with buying special equipment?

"I would say…. Get as many rack mounts as you can… But that's not usually the most cost effective option. Software is pretty reliable, but to make it even easier…. buy a mac if your music creation is more computer centric and start from there with the software I recommended"

How can I improve my tracks and give them the finish they needed?

"Get as many people to listen to your music as humanly possible. You never know what a little critique can do after that, get a good mastering company on the case to get as much as you can out of a track."

Can you give me some tips on how to promote my music and name (brand)?

"If you are a DJ then test your tracks on your crowd. Send samples of your track to record companies (you never know who will pick it up). Be on the lookout for remix competitions on such sites as Beatport/Track it Down. Always be ahead of your game."

What is the feeling when you're djing? Is it really addictive?

"Oooooooh yes! It's one of the best feelings on this planet to play a track with everyone feeling your groove. Imagine the best feeling you ever had in your life and multiply it by 100!"

What are your dreams and goals for the future?

"My main goal is to have my brand (WERK) to be one of the main purveyors of house music world wide. I want to offer the best service I can to all involved. Plus going back to Jamaica to live out the rest of my days ;-) "

MANY THANKS to Renny for this special interview, and If you want to check out Renny's clubs or events you are welcome to or his Facebook page

I hope you enjoyed!!! Start making your own music and don't give up your dreams!


What is Dubstep creator and why do you need it?


I guess I have good news for you. If you are reading this then you are probably looking to make your own beats on your computer. However you may come unstuck because when you do some research on this you normally find that you will need a lot of expensive equipment to make beats that sound good, and if you do not know anything about music production then you can run into a brick wall with this! Well guess what, there is a Dubstep creator, and yes it's could be on your computer and not evolving any other equipment. It's software you can download quickly online.

You'll only need your laptop and a quality speakers or headphones.

Dubstep maker

Be careful when choosing this software, because you will occasionally find some other software that claims to help you make beats online, although a lot of it is very low quality and if you want to make the sort of sounds that you hear in the charts you will either need to spend your money on expensive equipment or find a good piece of software which can cost a lot of money.

Well I have some good news there is a Dubstep maker package I discovered latley which gives you everything you need to make your own beats and pretty much any music that you want online. The best thing about the software package is that the sounds of being professionally mastered this means the sound exactly like your favorite songs…

You also have thousands and thousands of sounds to pick from and once you have watched through the video tutorials you will be able to get going making your first beats in just 10 minutes! 

If you want to read my review about this Dubstep creator, click here!!


How to create your own beats with a Dubstep maker online

If you are reading this then you are probably looking to make your own beats on your computer or make songs. I have been there and spent time on finding a good quality dubstep maker online. If you do not know anything about music production then you can run into a brick wall with this, because when you do some research on this you normally find that you will need a lot of expensive equipment to make beats that sound good or poor quality softwares, or pay for some really expensive DUBSTEP maker …

I'm sure that if you want to make the sort of sounds that you hear in the charts you will either need to do the above or find a good piece of software which can cost a lot of money.

Dubstep maker

Dubstep maker online – the ultimate sulution


Well I have some good news there is a package of a low cost and Dubstep music maker which has been released called Dub Turbo 2.0, which is a beats audio software and it gives you everything you need to make your own beats and pretty much any music that you want online just like Raps, House, Rock, Dance, DUB and any kind of music you can imagine.

The sound of this dubstep software sounds very professionally and there are also thousands and thousands of sounds to pick from. It takes a while to learn how to do it, but in 2-3 days you will become a pro. There are also great tutorials that come along with the software.

Enjoy the beats!!

The important facts on Dubstep creator

In the past 10 years Dubstep music has become somewhat of a phenomenon around the globe. Everyone is trying to create tracks and beats and searching for the right Dubstep maker.

When I started searching for Dubsep creator, I noticed that there are some very poor products and high quality ones, but most of them had the basic features and the advanced softwares had also the additional features which can your life really easier.  So after a little research I did, I want to give some bullet points which you should look for if you want to find the best DUBSTEP MAKER ONLINE, it's actually a recipe:

  • SOUNDS QUALITY! One of the most important ingredients to success here.Dubstep maker online
  • Look for a Multi track recording.
  • Search for all kinds of Drum machine and a Drum panels.
  • A fully functional keyboard – there's also programs with an option to select the keyboard structure and theme.
  • Search for lots of high quality sounds (beats, drums etc.) recorded in the software. Remember, if you're searching for the best Dubstep creator it should include at least 1 thousand sounds. You will need it.
  • Stay away from low quality sound recordings. Invest in your sounds.
  • Edit Volumes, Go Solo, Mute, save, edit Tempo + More.
  • EASY To Record Your Beat With Triggers.
  • Look for video tutorials; don’t waste your time on long page manuals…

There are probably lots of other things, but be sure I included the critical ones.

If you will search for the Dubstep maker online, don’t waste your time with other DUBSTEP CREATOR, I think you'll be disappointed quickly. I heard really desperate friends of mine which actually thought of giving up their dreams because they burn their time struggling with those softwares.